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If you're in the greater Kansas City area, you're in the right place! Recharge Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Our Weekly Live Sound Bath and Meditation Sessions.
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Sound Baths & Meditations Online

Virtual and In-Person gatherings designed to promote relaxation, healing, and a sense of inner peace through soothing sounds and meditation techniques.
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About Aurras

Aurras is here to bring you the power of frequencies in your life for continued health, vibrancy, and joy. As a Certified Sound Therapist, I will use tested and certified, hand hammered, Tibetan singing bowls that will produce specific frequencies known to effect mind, body, and soul in all our Online Sound offerings. We have produced a variety of offerings, addressing a wide number of healing concerns from chronic illness, stress reduction, & full relaxation.

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Benefits of Sound Baths

A regular Sound Bath & Meditation practice provides a number of proven benefits that promote a sense of relaxation and well-being.

More Calmness

Reduced Heart Rate


Mental Clarity

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